Frequently Asked Questions

How will the massage therapist know what my preferences are?

Every massage begins with a consultation. Explain your concerns, painful areas, and goals to your massage therapist so they may help you the best way they can. If at any time you feel that the massage is too light, too deep, not focusing on the right areas, etc. please SPEAK UP! The massage therapist wants to help you feel better so if they are not doing what you asked, please tell them so they can better assist you.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

 If you are a new client to our location, we ask that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out New Client paperwork before your scheduled appointment. If you have been to our spa before, please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. However, if your medical history, address, phone number, etc. has changed, we ask that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to update your current records.When you do arrive please respect the right to privacy and quiet of other guests & refrain from using cell phones. 

What should I do if I'm running late for my appointment?

 We understand that sometimes things happen and you might be running late. If this happens, we ask that you call the spa immediately and notify us that you are running late and by how much so we can notify your therapist. If you are up to 10 minutes late, your therapist MAY still be able to give you the full 50 minute session. However, if you run more than 15 minutes late, it will cut into your appointment and the therapist will most likely not be able to give you the full time of the appointment. The last resort is to reschedule but there may be a fee involved. 

Do you take walk-ins?

 Yes but only if there is availability. Our spa is very popular and tends to book quickly so we always recommend that you make an appointment to ensure you get the most convenient time block. 

How much should I tip?

 Tipping your service provider is at your discretion, however, a good rule of thumb is 20-30% of the total service cost. For example, a 90 minute relaxation massage is $55, therefore an appropriate tip would be $11 - $18. Of course, you can always tip more! .

Do I need to get undressed for the my massage?

 Yes, but to your comfort level. You may choose to completely undress or leave your underwear on. For women, bras must be removed in order for the therapist to access your back with more ease. Once you have undressed, you may lay on the massage table and cover yourself with the blankets provided. 


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